Opening a company and doing business in Slovenia

You can expand your business in Slovenia by opening the appropriate type of company.

As a natural person, a foreign citizen has the opportunity to establish a company in Slovenia, most often in the legal form of a limited liability company or to operate as an independent entrepreneur (s.p.).

Provided that they already have an existing company (LTD) abroad, foreign citizens also can register a subsidiary or a branch office of the parent company.

Independent entrepreneur (s.p.).

An individual can do business in Slovenia under his name if he registers as an independent entrepreneur (s.p.). Continue reading Opening a company and doing business in Slovenia

Conditions for performing the activity of limo service

Limo service means a public transport that is performed by a vehicle which is rented with the driver’s assistance. Conditions for performing the activity of limo service in Serbia are determined by the provisions of the Law on Transportation of Passengers in Road Traffic (“Official Herald of RS”, No 68/2015, 41/2018, 44/2018 – other law, 83/2018, 31/2019 i 9/2020).

A company or entrepreneur can perform a limo service if it has a decision of the municipal or city administration, i.e., the management in charge of traffic affairs, which determine that the company or the entrepreneur meets the requirements:

  • in respect of seat

The company fulfills the requirement for a seat if it has a seat on the territory of the local self-government, which issues the approval. The seat must include business premises where the primary business documents are stored, especially accounting documents, human resource documents, and other documents relevant to performing the activities of taxi transportation. Continue reading Conditions for performing the activity of limo service

Types, Requirements for Setting up and Termination of Work of Private Practice

According to provisions of Law on Health Care (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 25/2019) providers of health care are:

  • institutions of higher education of health professionals and other legal entities for which a special law stipulates that perform the tasks of health services
  • private practice
  • health care practioners who perform health activity, in accordance with the law
  • other higher education institutions and scientific-educational and scientific institutions, with the opinion of the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the law.

Requirements for Setting up of Private Practice

Private practice may be set up by: