Types, Requirements for Setting up and Termination of Work of Private Practice

According to provisions of Law on Health Care (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 25/2019) providers of health care are:

  • institutions of higher education of health professionals and other legal entities for which a special law stipulates that perform the tasks of health services
  • private practice
  • health care practioners who perform health activity, in accordance with the law
  • other higher education institutions and scientific-educational and scientific institutions, with the opinion of the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the law.

Requirements for Setting up of Private Practice

Private practice may be set up by:

Usage of seal in dealing of the business entities

By the provisions of the Act on Amendments and Supplements to the Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, No. 44/2018) were realized the improvement of individual solutions from the valid Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, Nos. 36/2011, 99/2011, 83/2014 – other law and 5/2015) and further harmonization with the EU regulations.

The Act on Amendments and Supplements to the Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, No. 44/2018) entered into force on 09 June 2018, but its implementation began on 01 October 2018, except for the provisions on cross-border mergers and acquisitions of companies, on Societas Europaea and the European economic interest grouping, which will be applicable from 01 January 2022.

Usage of Seal

The obligation to use seal have been abolished to companies for a long time. However, in accordance with certain regulations, the usage of seal still existed as for it was prescribed, so by the amendments and supplements to the Companies Act has been stipulated that an obligation to use the seal in business letters and other documents of the company can not be established to company by specific regulation. Continue reading Usage of seal in dealing of the business entities

Company’s legal form change

Company may change its legal form under the conditions and procedure which have been prescribed by the provisions of Articles 478 to 482 of the Companies Act.

Concept of a Legal Form Change

By changing the legal form, a company converses from one legal form into another legal form, in accordance with Companies Act.

The change of the company’s legal form does not affect the legal personality of that company.

The provisions of the Companies Act governing establishment of a form of a company apply mutatis mutandis to the change of a legal form of the relevant company, unless this Act stipulates otherwise. Continue reading Company’s legal form change