License for the work of Temporary Employment Agencies

A temporary employment agency is a company or entrepreneur which is registered with the competent authority in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which shall establish an employment relationship with the employee for his temporary assignment to the employer in the area of the Republic of Serbia to perform work under his supervision and management.

Conditions for the work of temporary employment agencies are regulated by the provisions of the Law on Agency Employment (“Official Gazette of RS,” No. 86/2019) and the Rulebook on the conditions for issuing a license for a temporary employment agency and taking the professional exam for work of that agency (“Official Gazette of RS,” No. 96/2019), which were applied to start from March 1, 2020, except for the provisions of the Law on Agency Employment (“Official Gazette of RS,” No. 86/2019) which regulate working conditions of agencies that applies from January 1, 2020. Continue reading License for the work of Temporary Employment Agencies

Types, Requirements for Setting up and Termination of Work of Private Practice

According to provisions of Law on Health Care (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 25/2019) providers of health care are:

  • institutions of higher education of health professionals and other legal entities for which a special law stipulates that perform the tasks of health services
  • private practice
  • health care practioners who perform health activity, in accordance with the law
  • other higher education institutions and scientific-educational and scientific institutions, with the opinion of the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the law.

Requirements for Setting up of Private Practice

Private practice may be set up by:

Associations according to Law on Associations

The Law on Associations shall regulate:

  • the establishment and legal status of associations
  • their entry and deletion from the Register
  • membership and bodies
  • associations’ status changes
  • termination
  • any other issues of importance to their activities.

The present Law shall also regulate the status and operations of foreign associations.

For the purposes of the Law on Associations, an association shall be a voluntary and non-governmental non-profit organization based on the freedom of association of several individuals or bodies corporate, established in order to pursue and promote a particular shared or general goal and interest which are not prohibited by the Constitution or the law. Continue reading Associations according to Law on Associations