Invalidity of the Contracts

All contracts to be considered legal and produce legal effects must meet certain conditions:

  1. the declaration of the intention must be given by a person who has the necessary legal capacity, serious – made to produce the legal effect, and not for any other purpose, free (that there is no defect of consent) – delusion, fraud and/or the threat, in the necessary form, that the desired legal actions are per law and morality
  2. that the basis of the contract exists
  3. that the condition is allowed and possible.

The sanction for non-fulfilment of these conditions is the invalidity of the contract, which can be different, depending on the type of defect.

For the most serious defects, the sanction is the nullity of the contract (absolute nullity), while for those who have a lower degree of violation, it is annulment – destruction (relative nullity). There is also a third sanction under contracts, recognized by legal science, which consists of non-existent contracts. Continue reading Invalidity of the Contracts

Conditions for performing the activity of limo service

Limo service means a public transport that is performed by a vehicle which is rented with the driver’s assistance. Conditions for performing the activity of limo service in Serbia are determined by the provisions of the Law on Transportation of Passengers in Road Traffic (“Official Herald of RS”, No 68/2015, 41/2018, 44/2018 – other law, 83/2018, 31/2019 i 9/2020).

A company or entrepreneur can perform a limo service if it has a decision of the municipal or city administration, i.e., the management in charge of traffic affairs, which determine that the company or the entrepreneur meets the requirements:

  • in respect of seat

The company fulfills the requirement for a seat if it has a seat on the territory of the local self-government, which issues the approval. The seat must include business premises where the primary business documents are stored, especially accounting documents, human resource documents, and other documents relevant to performing the activities of taxi transportation. Continue reading Conditions for performing the activity of limo service

Contract of construction

A contract of construction shall be a contract for services by which a contractor assumes the obligation to construct, according to a specific plan and within a stipulated time limit, a specific building on an agreed building site, or to perform on such building site, or on an already existing facility, some other civil engineering works, while the purchaser assumes the obligation to pay in return an agreed price. A contract of construction must be concluded in written form.

Form and content of the contract of construction, rights and responsibilities of the contracting parties, liability for defects and especially responsibility of contractor and project engineer for the soundness of building are regulated by the provisions of the Law on Contracts and Torts.


In this Chapter, the term “building” shall include buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, water supply installations, sewerage systems, roads, railroad tracks, wells and other civil engineering facilities the manufacture of which requires large and more complex works. Continue reading Contract of construction