New and most important legal solutions in Law on Trade

Law on Trade (“Off. Herald of RS”, Nos. 52/2019) which entered into force on July 30, 2019. and which shall apply from January 31, 2020 provides the conditions for intensive development of the digital economy.

By new legal solutions in detail:

  1. shall be regulated and defined electronic commerce and forms of online sales which are the most used in practice
  2. shall be allowed under certain conditions, displaying of prices in webshop in foreign currency
  3. shall be precisely defined and simplified the obligations of e-traders that carry out online sale and
  4. shall be introduced inspection method covert shopping (mystery shopper).

E-commerce and Online Sales Forms that are Most Applicable in Practice

Electronic commerce is defined as a special form of the remote commerce, which shall be realized in such a way that the goods/services shall be offered, ordered and saled through internet, and it has been introduced the term of online shopping (webshop) and the electronic platform: Continue reading New and most important legal solutions in Law on Trade

Types, Requirements for Setting up and Termination of Work of Private Practice

According to provisions of Law on Health Care (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 25/2019) providers of health care are:

  • institutions of higher education of health professionals and other legal entities for which a special law stipulates that perform the tasks of health services
  • private practice
  • health care practioners who perform health activity, in accordance with the law
  • other higher education institutions and scientific-educational and scientific institutions, with the opinion of the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the law.

Requirements for Setting up of Private Practice

Private practice may be set up by:

Doing business without order or authority

Doing business without an order means carrying out the transactions of another person, whether legal or material, without order or authority, but on account of the one otherwise normally engaged in them, and for the purpose of protecting that person’s interests.

Doing other person’s business without invitation is permissible only should the transaction need to be carried out without delay, because of possible immediate danger of damage or loss of an obvious benefit.

Duties and rights of a manager without order (authority)

Duties of a Manager Without Order (Authority)

A manager without order (authority) shall notify the principal for whom he acts about his act as soon as possible and shall continue the business commenced, should this be reasonably possible, until his principal is able to take over the matter. After completing the business transaction he shall render account thereof and shall hand over everything he has acquired while doing his business to his principal. Continue reading Doing business without order or authority