Compensation for profit lost

According to the provisions of the Law of Contract and Torts, in addition to the right to compensation for ordinary damages, the injured party has the right to compensation in the form of profit lost.

Common damage represents a decrease in an existing property. At the same time, the profit lost is damage reflected in the impossibility of increasing the property or prospective property due to the actions or actions of the damager.

According to the provisions of Article 189, paragraph 3 of the Law of Contract and Torts, when assessing the amount of profit lost, the profit that could reasonably be expected according to the regular course of things or according to particular circumstances and whose realization was prevented by the harmed person’s act or omission, is taken into account.

The profit lost can appear in monetary and in-kind forms.

According to the understanding of court practice, lost benefit represents unrealized property value, regardless of whether it would appear in monetary or in-kind form and irrespective of the basis on which it would be realized. Profit lost can arise due to damage to things in the form of loss of natural and civil fruits that escaped the injured party. Continue reading Compensation for profit lost