The Petition for Initiating Bankruptcy Proceedings

The Law on Bankruptcy (“Off. Herald of the Republic of Serbia”, Nos. 104/2009, 99/2011 – other law, 71/2012 – Decision of the Constitutional Court, 83/2014, 113/2017, 44/2018 and 95/2018) shall govern the manner and conditions of initiating and conducting bankruptcy proceedings against legal entities.

Bankruptcy proceedings, within the meaning of the Law on Bankruptcy, shall be [compulsory] liquidation and reorganisation.

Liquidation shall mean creditor satisfaction out of the value of entire assets of the bankruptcy debtor, or the sale of the debtor as a legal entity.

Reorganisation shall mean creditor satisfaction accomplished under the adopted plan of reorganisation by redefining relations between the debtor and the creditor or the debtor’s legal status, or in another manner provided for in the plan. Continue reading The Petition for Initiating Bankruptcy Proceedings