New and most important legal solutions in Law on Trade

Law on Trade (“Off. Herald of RS”, Nos. 52/2019) which entered into force on July 30, 2019. and which shall apply from January 31, 2020 provides the conditions for intensive development of the digital economy.

By new legal solutions in detail:

  1. shall be regulated and defined electronic commerce and forms of online sales which are the most used in practice
  2. shall be allowed under certain conditions, displaying of prices in webshop in foreign currency
  3. shall be precisely defined and simplified the obligations of e-traders that carry out online sale and
  4. shall be introduced inspection method covert shopping (mystery shopper).

E-commerce and Online Sales Forms that are Most Applicable in Practice

Electronic commerce is defined as a special form of the remote commerce, which shall be realized in such a way that the goods/services shall be offered, ordered and saled through internet, and it has been introduced the term of online shopping (webshop) and the electronic platform: Continue reading New and most important legal solutions in Law on Trade

Investor rights

This Law on Investments regulates the general legal framework for investments in the Republic of Serbia, the bodies that support investments by providing efficient services to investors, the establishment and operation of the Council for Economic Development, and the establishment and operation of the Development Agency of Serbia.

According to the provisions of the Law on Investments investor is a legal or natural person who acquired the investment on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the law.

Investment in terms of the Law on Investments are:

  • Direct investment i.e.investment in material and non-material assets of the company
  • Indirect investment i.e. acquiring shares or stocks in the company. Continue reading Investor rights