Contract of construction

A contract of construction shall be a contract for services by which a contractor assumes the obligation to construct, according to a specific plan and within a stipulated time limit, a specific building on an agreed building site, or to perform on such building site, or on an already existing facility, some other civil engineering works, while the purchaser assumes the obligation to pay in return an agreed price. A contract of construction must be concluded in written form.

Form and content of the contract of construction, rights and responsibilities of the contracting parties, liability for defects and especially responsibility of contractor and project engineer for the soundness of building are regulated by the provisions of the Law on Contracts and Torts.


In this Chapter, the term “building” shall include buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, water supply installations, sewerage systems, roads, railroad tracks, wells and other civil engineering facilities the manufacture of which requires large and more complex works. Continue reading Contract of construction