Liability for another

Liability for another was regulated by the provisions of Articles from 164. to 169 of the Law of Contract and Tort.

With liability for another varies the perpetrator of damage – tort-feasor from the responsible person – a person who is obliged to compensate the caused damage. Liability for the other was established in the interest of the injured party, because it is the perpetrator of damage that usually has no assets for the compensation of damage.

Liability for another means responsibility for the damage and the person responsible for another, and tort-feasor, except in cases when the damage is caused by a person who, due to mental illness or retarded mental development, or for some other reasons, is not mentally competent or by a child of up to seven years of age.

Tort-feasor shall be responsible in accordance with the principle of fault, because it is a responsibility for its own actions. Continue reading Liability for another