Establishment and work of an Employment Agency

Conditions for establishment and work of an employment agency shall be regulated by the Law on Employment and Unemployment Insurance (“Off. Herald of RS”, Nos. 36/2009, 88/2010, 38/2015, 113/2017, 113/2017 – other Act and 49/2021), as well as by the Regulation on Requirements in Terms of Space and Technical Equipment for the Work of an Employment Agency, the Conditions of Professional Qualification of Employees, Program, Content and Manner of Taking an Exam for the Work in Employment (“Off. Herald of RS”, Nos. 98/2009, 100/2012, 65/2014,11/2018, 86/2019 – other Act and 64/2021).

Activity of an Employment Agencies

An employment agency may be founded by legal or natural entities for the purpose of conducting employment affairs, namely:

  • Dissemination of information on employment opportunities and conditions
  • Jobmatching within the country and internationally
  • Vocational guidance and career counseling
  • Implementation of particular active employment policy measures, based on a contract with the National Employment Service.

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