The Employment Contract

The employment relation shall be established by an employment contract which shall be concluded between an employee and an employer. The employment contract shall be considered concluded when signed by the employee and the director or entrepreneur. The employment contract instead of directors or entrepreneurs may sign and employees who are authorized by them, while employee must conclude employment contract in person.

Employer and employee may conclude an employment contract either for a indefinite or definite period of time and if in the employment contract has not been determined the period of time of its validity, it shall be considered that such a contract has been concluded for an indefinite period.

The obligation of the employer and employee is to conclude the employment contract exclusively in writing before the beginning of work of the employee. Should an employer fail to conclude the employment contract with an employee before his beginning of work, it shall be considered that the employee has established the employment relation for an indefinite period of time – as of the day of taking the job. Continue reading The Employment Contract