Opening a company and doing business in Slovenia

You can expand your business in Slovenia by opening the appropriate type of company.

As a natural person, a foreign citizen has the opportunity to establish a company in Slovenia, most often in the legal form of a limited liability company or to operate as an independent entrepreneur (s.p.).

Provided that they already have an existing company (LTD) abroad, foreign citizens also can register a subsidiary or a branch office of the parent company.

Independent entrepreneur (s.p.).

An individual can do business in Slovenia under his name if he registers as an independent entrepreneur (s.p.). Continue reading Opening a company and doing business in Slovenia

Insurance brokerage undertaking

Conditions for the establishment and operation of an insurance brokerage undertaking as well as conditions for carrying on insurance and reinsurance brokerage are regulated by provisions of the Insurance Law (RS Official Gazette, No 139/2014).

Insurance brokerage activities include insurance and reinsurance brokerage activities.

Insurance brokerage activities shall be activities related to introducing the insured and/or policyholder to an insurance/reinsurance undertaking for the purpose of negotiating the conclusion of an insurance/reinsurance contract, preparation for the conclusion of these contracts, as well as providing help in exercising the rights arising from such contracts, in particular in settlement of claims for damages.

Insurance brokerage activities shall be carried on, as an exclusive activity, by an insurance brokerage undertaking with its head office in the Republic of Serbia, registered with the competent authority based on its license to carry on such business issued by the National Bank of Serbia. Exceptionally an insurance brokerage undertaking may also carry on activities that are directly or indirectly related to insurance business, and the National Bank of Serbia shall prescribe such activities more closely as well as the manner and terms in which they are carried on. Continue reading Insurance brokerage undertaking

Usage of seal in dealing of the business entities

By the provisions of the Act on Amendments and Supplements to the Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, No. 44/2018) were realized the improvement of individual solutions from the valid Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, Nos. 36/2011, 99/2011, 83/2014 – other law and 5/2015) and further harmonization with the EU regulations.

The Act on Amendments and Supplements to the Companies Act (’’Official Herald of RS ‘’, No. 44/2018) entered into force on 09 June 2018, but its implementation began on 01 October 2018, except for the provisions on cross-border mergers and acquisitions of companies, on Societas Europaea and the European economic interest grouping, which will be applicable from 01 January 2022.

Usage of Seal

The obligation to use seal have been abolished to companies for a long time. However, in accordance with certain regulations, the usage of seal still existed as for it was prescribed, so by the amendments and supplements to the Companies Act has been stipulated that an obligation to use the seal in business letters and other documents of the company can not be established to company by specific regulation. Continue reading Usage of seal in dealing of the business entities