Agricultural holdings

In terms of the Law on Incentives in Agriculture and Rural Development (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 10/2013, 142/2014, 103/2015 and 101/2016), an agricultural holding is a production unit where a business company, agricultural cooperative, institution or another legal entity, entrepreneur or farmer performs agricultural production.

A family agricultural holding is an agricultural holding where a natural person – a farmer, together with the members of his household (regardless of kinship) performs agricultural production.

A family agricultural holding can be:

  • commercial family agricultural holding (agricultural holding which is market-oriented and which can exercise the right to incentives under the conditions established by this law)
  • non-commercial family agricultural holding (agricultural holding that is not market-oriented).

The property of a non-commercial agricultural holding is determined during the registration or renewal of registration in the Register of Agricultural Holdings following the law governing agriculture. Continue reading Agricultural holdings