Activity code, Founders and consulting activities

Consulting agency foundation

Consulting agency can be established and registered or entered in the register of the companies or in the register of entrepreneurs of the Serbian Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia in the form of business company and consulting activities can be performed by a natural person with full capacity, which will be registered as an entrepreneur in that aim.

The establishment, registration and organization of business companies and entrepreneurs are governed by Law on Business Companies, Law on the Procedure of Registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, Rulebook on the Content of the Business Entities Register and Documents Required for Registration and Decision on Fees for Registration and other Services Provided by the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

Consultancy agency can be registred as business company in one of the legal forms which are provided by the Law on Business Companies and as:

Consulting Agency – Founders

Business company’s founders can be domestic and foreign natural persons and legal entities.

Also domestic and foreign natural person can carry on consulting activities as an entrepreneur, but with the condition that foreign natural person has the right to residence in Republic of Serbia.

To natural person can be registred as an entrepreneur and to consulting agency can carry on business acitivity on the teritory of Republic of Serbia, natural person must have a place of residence on the teritory of Republic of Serbia in case of domestic natural person or right to residence, in case of foreigner.

Consalting Agency – Activity code

By the Regulation on Classification of Activities is not provided unique activity code for all consulting activities. Also, there are activities which are reserved for the specific form of organization.

Consulting agency can not be registered for performance of legal consulting, which is under positive law still exclusively related to performance of activities of lawyers. And according to the Regulation on Classification of Activities and the Law on Advocacy legal consulting work may be performed only by lawyers or other persons for whom it is provided by a special law. According to the Regulation on Classification of Activities these jobs are classified in legal affairs, under code 69.10 and include attorneys’ activities, as well as other legal issues, such as a notary public jobs, peace judges, mediators, investigators, experts, bankruptcy trustee, executor, forensics, representative for patents, trademarks and trade-marks.

Consulting agency can carry on the highest number of consulting activities if as its predominant business activity registered business activity which is marked by code 70.22Consultancy activities related to business and other management according to the Regulation on Classification of Activities.

Activity code 70.22 – Consultancy activities related to business and other management include following activities:

  • providing advices, guidance or operational assistance to business and other organizations in relation to the management, as well as the companies strategies and organizational planning, business process transformation, change of administration, cost reduction and other financial issues
  • marceting objectives and policies: policies, practical issues and planning in the field of human resources, providing human resources, practices and planning; retirement strategy; production planning and control
  • providing advices, guidance or operational assistance to economic entities and public services related to:
    – drafting accounting procedures, programs and procedures of the cost of budgetary control
    – providing advices and assistance to economic entities and public services, relating to planning, organizational issues, efficiency of business and control, managing to information and others.

Consulting agency, which has registred as its predominant activity 70.22. – Consultancy activities related to business and other management, can not perform following activities, which cited activity code does not include:

  • design software for accounting, activity 62.01
  • giving legal advices and representation, activity 69.10
  • performing of accounting and bookkeeping tasks and tasks of control; providing tax advices, activity 69.20
  • architectural and engineering consultancy activities, activities 71.11 and 71.12
  • environmental, agronomy, security and similar consulting activities, activity 74.90
  • activity of Employment agencies, activity 78.10
  • support educational activities, activity 85.60.

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