Internationalization of Companies

The Decree on Conditions and Manner of Internationalization of Companies (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 17/2009) regulates the conditions, criteria and manner of awarding grants to domestic companies for financing activities that contribute to the competitiveness of domestic products and services and increase exports from the Republic of Serbia.

Financial resources allocated to companies following the provisions of the Decree (from now on: funds) are provided in the budget of the Republic of Serbia, within the section of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion (from now on: the Agency).

Funded activities

Activities that contribute to the competitiveness of domestic products and services and increase exports from the Republic of Serbia include:

  • design of a new product
  • testing, certification and recertification of products
  • certification and recertification of the quality management system
  • independent participation in international trade fairs abroad
  • design of new product packaging
  • design of promotional materials – promotional brochure and website
  • advertising in foreign professional journals
  • organized business meetings abroad
  • organized visits to foreign markets.

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Establishment of a cooperative

The Law on Cooperatives regulates the legal status of cooperatives, their establishment, management and bodies of cooperatives, acquisition and termination of the status of cooperatives, book of cooperatives, property and operations of cooperatives, funds, distribution of profits and coverage of losses in cooperatives, termination of cooperatives, alliances of cooperatives, complex cooperatives, cooperative registration, cooperative audit, as well as other issues vital for the position and work of the cooperative.

The provisions of the Law governing the legal status of limited liability companies shall apply accordingly to all matters related to cooperatives, which are not explicitly regulated by the Law on Cooperatives.

The concept of cooperative and cooperative members

A cooperative is a legal entity representing a unique form of organization of natural persons (from now on: cooperative) who realize their economic, social, cultural and other interests by operating on cooperative principles and managing and controlling the cooperative business. Continue reading Establishment of a cooperative