Forms of work engagement in Serbia

The Labor Law provides ways of the working engagement of persons in the Republic of Serbia, which are the legal and statutory methods of the working engagement. Overall in the Republic of Serbia, persons may be engaged in work as much the employer will establish employment relationship with them, or they will be engaged outside employment relationship, on one of the ways prescribed by the provisions of the Labor Law.

Employment Relationship

Employment relationship for a indefinite period of time is the basic form of the employment relationship, but not the only form of the employment relationship. Besides it there are other forms of the employment relationsip, as follows:

  • Employment relationship with a probation work
  • Employment relationship for a definite period of time
  • Employment relationship for performing higher-risk jobs
  • Part-Time employment relationship
  • Employment relationship for performing jobs outside the employer’s premises
  • Employing household help and
  • Employment relationship with trainee.

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