Contributions of the company

According to the provisions of the Companies Act contributions to the company may be pecuniary or in kind, and are expressed in dinars.

If a pecuniary contribution is paid in a foreign currency in accordance with the law governing foreign currency operations, the dinar counter value of the contribution is calculated using the National Bank of Serbia middle exchange rate on the day of contribution payment.

In kind contributions may be given in tangibles or intangibles, unless otherwise specified by the Companies Act for certain types of companies.

The company’s share (registered) capital is the pecuniary value of the company’s members’ subscribed contributions to the company, which is registered in accordance with the registration act. Continue reading Contributions of the company

Establishment of private preschool institution

The preschool institutions are the holders of preschool upbringing and education.

The field of preschool upbringing and education is regulated by the following laws:

  • Law on the Foundations of the Education and Upbringing System (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 88/2017)
  • Law on Preschool Upbringing and Education (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 18/2010) and
  • Law on Public Services (“Official Gazette of RS”, Nos. 42/91, 71/94, 79/2005 – D. Law, 81/2005 – Official Gazette, 83/2005 – 83/2014 – the law).

Given that the activity of preschool education is a matter of immediate social interest and it is realized as a public service, the regulations on public services apply to the establishment and operation of such an institution. Continue reading Establishment of private preschool institution

Associations according to Law on Associations

The Law on Associations shall regulate:

  • the establishment and legal status of associations
  • their entry and deletion from the Register
  • membership and bodies
  • associations’ status changes
  • termination
  • any other issues of importance to their activities.

The present Law shall also regulate the status and operations of foreign associations.

For the purposes of the Law on Associations, an association shall be a voluntary and non-governmental non-profit organization based on the freedom of association of several individuals or bodies corporate, established in order to pursue and promote a particular shared or general goal and interest which are not prohibited by the Constitution or the law. Continue reading Associations according to Law on Associations