Shares in limited liability company according to companies act – basic rules

The share represents the contribution of a member into the limited liability company’s share capital which is expressed in percentage. A company member acquires a share in the company proportionately to the value of his contribution into the company’s share capital, unless otherwise provided by the memorandum of association upon company incorporation or by a unanimous resolution of the general meeting.

A company shareholder may have only one share in the company.

If a company shareholder acquires more shares, these shares are joined and comprise one share.

Legal Nature of Shares

A company’s shares are not securities.

A company’s shares may not be acquired, nor may they be disposed by forwarding a public offer in terms of the law regulating the capital market. Continue reading Shares in limited liability company according to companies act – basic rules

Contributions of the company

According to the provisions of the Companies Act contributions to the company may be pecuniary or in kind, and are expressed in dinars.

If a pecuniary contribution is paid in a foreign currency in accordance with the law governing foreign currency operations, the dinar counter value of the contribution is calculated using the National Bank of Serbia middle exchange rate on the day of contribution payment.

In kind contributions may be given in tangibles or intangibles, unless otherwise specified by the Companies Act for certain types of companies.

The company’s share (registered) capital is the pecuniary value of the company’s members’ subscribed contributions to the company, which is registered in accordance with the registration act. Continue reading Contributions of the company

Exit of limited liability company member

Exit of limited liability company member (hereinafter referred to as: exit of company member) is one of the reasons for termination of company member status. Procedure of exit of company member shall be governed by the provisions of Articles from 187 to 193 of the Law on Business Companies.

Reasons for termination of company member status are:

  • Death, in case of a natural person, or deletion from a relevant register, in case of a legal entity
  • Exit from a company
  • Expulsion from a company
  • Transfer of entire equity interest
  • Withdrawal and cancellation of entire equity interest.

Exit of Company Member without Claiming Compensation for Equity Interest

A comapany member, which hasn’t outstanding liabilities towards the company on the basis of outstanding contributions, may at any time, on the basis of the statement on exit which sall be submitted to the company, to exit from the compnay without giving any reasons for the exit, if he/she does not demand compensation for its equity interest. Continue reading Exit of limited liability company member